Crumbfusion is a
new take on cake.

Offering four flavors of cake with a special "dress-up", Crumbfusion is a unique new trend on traditional cake.

Individually portioned scoops of our special cake and added dress-ups in a completely customizable labelled container or cone, makes this a unique and memorable favorite for all types of functions.

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We also have other unique products that can be used to add a unique touch for your event, please see our product page.

Let us help you make your event unique by adding one of our special products to your celebration.

No celebration is off limits:

Weddings, Corporate Launches, Business Openings, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Baby / Bridal Showers, Going Away Parties, Block Parties, Stag and Stagettes. We are up for any celebration or party style.