Cake Flavours

In A Nutshell Cake Cup

In A Nutshell:

A delicious combination of pecans and caramel dressed up with crunchy bits.
It's All Black and White Cake Cup

It’s All Black and White:

Our version of cookies and cream with a subtle hint of vanilla. The dress-up is a crispy white chocolate Callibeaut Pearl.

Party Pants Required Cake Cup

Party Pants Required:

A beautiful strawberry cake for the kid in all of us dressed up with a strawberry Callibeault Pearl.
The Bee's Knees Cake Cup

The Bee’s Knees:

A chocolate lover's tasting paradise, with a smooth fudgy texture dressed up with a Callibeaut milk chocolate pearl.

**Dress-ups are specially chosen candy or cookies to add texture and bonus flavour to each Crumbfusion™ product.